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For partners

About DEC

DEC education — the expert and leader in international education consulting in Ukraine and Moldova. We offer consultancy services in studying abroad organization, starting from customer purpose analysis to informational maintenance in a period of studying.

Study Destinations

UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Malta, Cyprus, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and other countries on request.

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DEC's mission is to develop education in Ukraine through integration with international programs and projects.

Our focus is on the happy future of our children through education.

  • One brand
  • One team
  • One solution for families and partners

One of our values is the development of an individual educational solution for children from 6 to 20 years old.

7 reasons why you should cooperate with DEC education

  1. Exceptional awareness of the recent trends on the market and students continually shifting preferences
  2. Significant experience within a team of professionals
  3. The most efficient and innovative tools of students’ recruitment
  4. Apply a complex approach to working with a targeted audience
  5. Strategical planning of promotional campaigns for every partner
  6. Recommendations from leaders in the industry
  7. Transparency and flexibility in our business relationships
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DEC in figures

  • The Winner of ST Star Award for the Best Educational Agency in Eastern Europe in 2008
  • SH0RTLISTED in the same category in 2009-2014, 2017
  • Shortlisted by The PIEoneer Awards in the category of «Education agency of the year 2018 and 2019"
  • Annual ICEF, ALTO and Quality English authorized agency
  • Registered as UCAS and UKiSet testing center in Ukraine
  • Participation in ICEF, BBSW, NABSW and other educational conferences
  • Cooperation with Embassies, schools, local partners

DEC promotional activities 2021-2022

DEC events:

  • DEC Weekend: Education Journeys - Fall and Winter
  • Profession Days
  • Workshops/master classes
  • Digital promotion
  • B2B promotional activities in Ukraine
  • Promotion in DEC EdVenture Magazine
  • Promotions within DEC group businesses
  • Individual promotional strategies
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Start your new season with DEC!

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Natalia Ilchenko

Head of Partner Development Department

+38 097 671 8872


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Irina Shevchuk

Partner Development Manager

+38 044 390 7624



  • Adress:
    01133, Creative State of Arsenal
    Moskovskaya St, 8
  • Tel./fax:
    +38 (044) 390-76-24
  • Schedule:
    Mon. — Fr.: 9:30–18:30