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Безкоштовна консультація

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Тест на знання англійської мови

Перевірте свої знання  англійської безкоштовно та швидко в онлайн форматі.

Тест містить 35 питань, на які відведено 30 хвилин.

Щоб отримати коректний результат, будь ласка, не використовуйте сторонні засоби (словники, інтернет тощо).

Результати ви отримаєте на електронну адресу, яку потрібно вказати по завершенні тестування. 

Бажаємо успіху.

1. ______ your sister play in a band?

2. ______ teaches you English?

3. Tony is ______ late for school because he gets up very early.

4. The children ______ in the garden at the moment.

5. Tania’s favourite ______ are photography and swimming.

6. ________ is before March.

7. I watched ______ really interesting documentary about genealogy last night.

8. Billy ______ to that school when he was a young boy.

9. There is a large ______ in my bedroom. I can fit all my clothes in it.

10. Belinda has _______ arrived. Let’s go and say hello.

11. The ______ made it very hard to see the road ahead.

12. We were so ______ that we decided to leave early.

13. The red colour is often associated ______ anger.

14. Dan has been in _______ hospital since his hiking accident.

15. Which ______ do you think has changed our lives the most?

16. How ______ get to work tomorrow?

17. My parents came to ______ me off when I went on my first school trip.

18. If I ______ you, I wouldn’t go hiking alone in such a dangerous place.

19. Macy is a very talented singer, but she has no ______ in her ability.

20. You ______ really stressed, Jacob. Calm down!

21. You can’t ______ the law and get away with it.

22. The animal rights group can’t do their work ______ people donate the money.

23. I wish I _______ so fond of sweets! – Don’t worry about it now. Have a biscuit!

24. Tommy prefers taking vitamins ______ food that is good for him!

25. We’re the ______ that have been brought up with technology, so we know how to use it more effectively than our parents.

26. Jasmine ______ her family tree for months before she uncovered a dark secret.

27. They don’t like cooking at home, ______?

28. Olive oil is the best ingredient; I _______ when I’m cooking.

29. What’s the most popular ______ engine on the Internet?

30. He could have patented it if he ______ the idea first.

31. I promise I’ll be there on time. I won’t _______ you down.

32. The sun came up, and they realized they ______ all night.

33. I’m so happy to see you safe and ______! I was really worried you might have had an accident.

34. _______ her a smartphone for her birthday? – Yes, good idea.

35. Do you think I ______ my car cleaned by tomorrow morning?


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