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Безкоштовна консультація

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Academic Director of English Schools

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There are responsibilities that come with this title:

  • Build and train a middle management team
  • To consult with HR and recruit a strong teaching team, and to train School Principals in the recruitment process- Consult with methodology regarding current curriculum and developing new learning methods- Consult with marketing and make sure accurate information regarding courses is passed over and marketed accordingly
  • Recruit a strong team, giving good feedback to those applicants who were not successful- Maintaining a good impression of DEC School in all professional company
  • Project Managing new projects
  • delegating tasks effectively and keeping updated on all developments and aims and objectives
  • Always looking for new ways to improve current systems and processes
  • To inspire the team into working to the best of their ability
  • To make decisions quickly and firmly, ensuring all involved fully understand and carry out the decision
  • To ensure clear communication is passed to all relevant subjects
  • To report to Director of DEC School the progress of the school, of new projects that would be beneficial and current updates and problems/challenges- To distribute and collect feedback and analyse the information for areas of improvement- To fulfil any ad hoc task that becomes required forDEC Schools smooth running —

All things that fall into Academia are the responsibility of the Academic Director It’s an incredibly varied role with one day holding completely different tasks to the next.

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Therefore to be successful in the position a person must:

  • Strong leader and management skills
  • Experience in teaching and management of school (minimum 3 years)
  • Have the ability to juggle multiple tasks at once
  • Be decisive and quick to act
  • Be structured and logical
  • Have good communication skills
  • Have the ability to up-manage
  • Creative and ambitious
  • Look at the bigger picture
  • Ability to successfully project manage

DEC School is a leading company in the Ukrainian Market for studying English as the secondary language, established in 2008. DEC School provides high quality English courses in a warm and professional atmosphere at 6 location in Kyiv.


The Academic Director is a new position for DEC School and will help the school build a successful franchising model.


The Academic Director will take on responsibilities with the aim of delegating many of them to School Principals — building up their autonomy over time — with the Academic Director more concentrated on creating a good management team, ensuring clear communication occurs and looking for new ideas to ensure DEC remains at the forefront of ESL teaching


Why work with us?

  • office near Druzhby Narodiv metro station
  • everything needed for work is provided
  • friendly atmosphere and supportive staff at any of 6 locations
  • 50% teacher’s team are English native speakers
  • help with document package preparation and accommodation
  • competitive compensation and official employment

Send your CV on HR@dec.ua

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