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Senior teacher of English / coordinator

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  • Scheduling the English classes at DEC Life School (both group and individual)
  • Teaching a limited number of classes at DEC Life School
  • Ensure students are on track with their personal development goals
  • Observe lessons to ensure standards are high
  • Train teachers appropriately in DEC Life School methods
  • Consult with methodological department regarding needs or wants for new courses
  • Report back to Principal of DEC Life School regarding progress of both teachers and students
  • Become part of the DEC Life School team, helping in daily tasks as required
  • Continual levelling and placing of students
  • To develop reports and certificates in line with DEC Life School's ethos
  • To cooperate with the Programme Development Department in the selection process of academic books and other educational materials to support the learning process.
  • To form orders of books and other studying material
  • To conduct orientation sessions for new teachers and helping in their adaptation at school
  • To maintain accurate and up-to-date records of work, classroom registers etc.
  • To keep accurate records of the hours worked by teachers, and to pass this information to DoS on a monthly basis so that payment to teachers can be made
  • To help with academic (English lesson) part while conducting Day Camps at location
  • To participate in the preparation and organization of holidays and teambuilding activities for the teaching team
  • To take part in internal/external trainings and other events aimed at professional growth.

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DEC Life School's teaching methods and the atmosphere of the school call for more concentrated supervision of the English course. We need to offer a more bespoke curriculum/courses for our Life School students, we need to train our teachers appropriately and we need to ensure that the education we offer is of the highest quality.

For this reason we want to hire an English coordinator - who not only teaches at DEC Life School, but also studies the student's progress, changes the curriculum appropriately, requests specific courses from DEC's methodological department and helps train other DEC Life School teachers.

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